Part of BetaZi's Basin Studies product line, this series of projects covers select basins in the US. Delivered by our data partner, TGS.

The BasinAlpha™ offering is a series of pre-computed, comprehensive studies based on BetaZi probabilistic well forecasts for every well in a basin. Run on TGS' rock solid data and sold through annual enterprise SaaS licensing (up to 7 users), BasinAlpha is delivered by TGS as an interactive Spotfire project that include download capabilities of datasets into Excel and most other standard industry programs. The interactive visualization environment allows users access to multi-filtered map and graph results for an unprecedented look at a reservoir, operator, or county of a select asset group. Forecasts are re-run and studies are updated monthly.

A BasinAlpha™ package includes these prime BetaZi features:

  • p10-p90 spread (uncertainty profile)

  • 30-year EUR

  • associated type curves, including by operator

  • pScores by operator

  • 1st-pass economics

  • clean and complete data

BasinAlpha™ is a powerful tool for evaluating basin-wide production data to provide actionable insights to focus an asset acquisition team on the most profitable areas and companies in the basin scope. Offered initially at an introductory price point, BasinAlpha™ is designed to be of immediate use to A&D professionals, lenders, banks, production companies, and anyone interested in the hydrocarbon futures of a particular basin.

Current available basins:

  1. Scoop/Stack

  2. Permian Delaware

  3. Permian Central Platform

  4. Permian Midland

Other BasinAlpha projects will be released in the coming months, and custom basins may be offered on customer request.

For more information, to schedule a demonstration, or to get access to the demonstration environment directly, contact:

Richard Kaufman

Managing Director - Business Development