BetaZi a Huge Success at URTEC

September 2, 2014

It's always a thrill to meet with unabashed enthusiasm when talking about BetaZi technology, and we certainly encountered that at URTEC recently. In addition to a technical talk and a workshop, Heidi Kuzma gave four organized presentations on the concourse demoing BZ tech folded into the product offerings of two established companies: Merrick Systems Inc. and Drilling Info Inc.  The response was overwhelmingly positive with mid-sized producers, majors, service companies and investors crowding all of the demos.


At the Merrick booth, we presented a prototype of a forecast module for Merrick’s Production Manager Suite of software. On Tuesday afternoon, the crowd quickly overflowed the booth and an impromptu demo had to be scheduled for 10:00 Wednesday morning, right after Heidi’s technical talk, which was also full.  (That’s an accomplishment since the talk was held at 8:30 in the morning.)


At Drilling Info, we presented a map (see below) that contained over 8,000 forecasts for unconventional wells in the Niobrara formation in Colorado (upper Cretaceous – well known for having excellent dinosaur fossils in some locations).  Dots on the map were sized by BetaZi predictions and color saturated by uncertainty.  A conference attendee could click on the map and up popped the full BetaZi forecast with a year’s worth of blind data held out for testing.  It was exciting because people could (and did) click on wells they were currently working on.  It was lovely to hear “Yup, you got it exactly right.”  


As a direct consequence of our success in Denver, we expect to be making several major announcements in the next few weeks. 

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